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January 05, 2020 • Rob King

Pastor Rob King kicks off a brand new series called 2020 VISION.

This series is dedicated to celebrating the non-negotiables of the Vineyard: serving, loving, growing, and so much more!


• In all of the new year goals that you have set, how are you loving God and people more? 

• When you treat people poorly, you're going against the very law of God. 

• It's fun to talk about the sayings of Jesus because they never grow old. 

• If you were standing before Jesus, what is the one question you would ask? 

• You miss the whole point of the law when you say that you love God and hate your neighbor. 

• Listening to people is the greatest sign of love. 

• The secret to success in the new year is to commit your life to the Lord. 

• When Jesus answers a question, He's not interested in your intellect. He's interested in your heart. 

• You can intellectually know God and still have no idea what He's like.