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February 02, 2020 • Rob King

Wisdom is the ultimate life hack. Knowing what God knows and doing what God would do. We don’t always see God’s will clearly, nor do we always do what He would do.

Today Pastor Rob kicks off a brand new series called “Life Hacks: Wisdom That Works.” We'll learn how to find and apply God's wisdom to our everyday lives.


• Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge and understanding in any situation. 

• Wisdom is what you would do if you knew all that God knows about every situation you are in. 

• What if every decision you made came from a comprehensive understanding of the entire situation, was completely motivated by selfless love, and was enacted with perfect timing, truth and grace?

• Knowledge puffs up, but wisdom builds up.

• God likes it when we ask Him for things. Ask God for wisdom. 

• Asking another for help opens the heart to receive the help that is needed.