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Why did I take the Estate Planning Seminar?

Chris Yingling | March 9, 2020

We asked a longtime Vineyard attendee, Chris Yingling, about his experience with the Estate Planning Seminar. 

Why did you sign up for the Estate Planning Seminar?
We were on a five-year plan to get rid of our debt and pay off the house so we could retire. As we started looking at retirement, we saw there were a lot of loose ends. We also started looking at the end-of-life and there were even more loose ends there. So we started just talking to people and looking at things, and the seminar came up right in the middle of that.

What were you expecting from the Seminar?
I guess I expected somebody to tell me, "Here, write this stuff down, and your money and your stuff and your relationships will all be great. It's all going to be fine and go away." But that's not what it was.

What did you learn?
We experienced an environment where they started bringing up ideas and things that we didn't have answers for. They presented the information in such a way that we could go on a journey to get answers to those questions. They didn't give us all the answers to our questions, but they gave us a road-map of the steps to get you to the place where you can find the answers. It was very helpful and we're crazy glad we did it. 

Would you recommend this Seminar?
We've told dozens of people to take this seminar. We got so much value out of this and not paying for it was phenomenal. It's free and there's no commitment. You can just go to the class and listen and make your decision afterwards.

About Chris 
I started going to the Vineyard in 1988. When Mary Jo and I were married in 2007, we made the Vineyard our spiritual home. We have two children who are grown and living on their own. As we begin the next chapter of life and retirement, we're excited to see what God has in store for us.

Join us for the Designing Your Legacy Estate Planning Seminar and learn how you can take control and pass on your values AND valuables and start planning for the future.


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