Thank You!

We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to the Thanksgiving Together Outreach!

On Saturday, November 19 we served brunch to about 240 guests at the Healing Center who went home with the groceries (that you donated!) to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for their families.

A special thanks to the nearly 300 AMAZING volunteers who collected grocery donations on the weekends, loaded groceries into cars, and served our guests with love. You made this outreach a success! Thank you!

In 2022, we started a new tradition with a Thanksgiving outreach that’s more relational.

Food always brings people together, but not every family can afford to celebrate like most of us do.

Let’s demonstrate the generosity and love of Jesus by serving brunch to guests at the Healing Center, and sending them home with Thanksgiving dinners they can cook and enjoy with their families in celebration of the holiday.

This is a great opportunity to come together as The Church to encourage and engage with our local community.

How do I participate?

Step 1. Go Shopping!

Start by going shopping for grocery items listed below and bring them to any service now through Sunday, November 13.

Volunteers will be standing by at all four church entrances ready to receive your donations as you come in for service.

Your Shopping List

By choosing from each of the categories below, you ensure that each family enjoys a complete meal.

Please consider a family of 6 when shopping.

Meat (Choose 1 or more)
2 Roasting Chickens (3-5 lbs.) frozen
1 Frozen Turkey (8-10 lbs.)

Canned Vegetables (Choose 2 or more)
2 Corn
2 Green Beans
2 Yams
2 Black Eyed Peas
2 Pinto Beans

Sides (Choose 2 or more)
4 Macaroni & Cheese (boxed)
2 Cornbread (boxed mix)
2 Applesauce (jar or canned)
1 Potatoes (10 lb. bag)
1 Rice (white, brown, or wild 2 lb. bag)

Dessert (Choose 1 or more)
1 Fruit Pie (frozen)
1 Pumpkin Pie (frozen)
2 Brownies (boxed mix)
6 Gelatin Dessert (6 oz. boxes of the same flavor)

Step 2: Show Up & Show God's Love!

Sign up today to serve! On Saturday, November 19 starting 9am, we’ll worship together then welcome guests to a sit-down brunch with music, reflection, and a time of connection. Guests will depart with a Thanksgiving dinner to share with their families.

This will be the biggest event of the year and everyone is invited to contribute to this special occasion.


Choose from a variety of serving roles, including greeters, parking attendants, brunch servers, grocery loaders, and many more. There are 200 roles to choose from, so don't delay...sign up today!