Simplify: Week #2

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November 17, 2019 • Rob King


Pastor Rob continues our series, Simplify: Overcoming overwhelmed.

We are often overwhelmed, overscheduled and overspent. Almost everything in our culture tells us that more is better. Our lives are packed and our souls are empty. Our calendars are full but are we really living the FULL life that Jesus has called us to live?


  • Simplify: It's not so much about a well-ordered calendar as it is a WELL ORDERED HEART.
  • What do I do in the land of “I don’t know”?
  • When you don't know, commit your ways to the Lord and do right. 
  • When you don't know, renew your mind by reading your Bible. 
  • Refuse stinking thinking!
  • Get creative in your thankfulness! 
  • Think about how far you have come instead of how far you have to go! 
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste. It's also a terrible thing to worship.