Simplify: Week #3

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November 24, 2019 • Rob King


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Pastor Rob continues our series, Simplify: Overcoming overwhelmed.

We are often overwhelmed, overscheduled and overspent. Almost everything in our culture tells us that more is better. Our lives are packed and our souls are empty. Our calendars are full but are we really living the FULL life that Jesus has called us to live?


  • Materialism is the lie that MORE will make me happy.
  • Salvation means soundness, happiness, deliverance, spiritual peace and well-being. 

5 keys to a proper relationship with money:

  • Admit that everything you have comes from God. 
  • Joyfully live beneath God’s current provision for your life. 
  • Honor God with the first tenth of all your earnings.
  • Purposely set apart a portion of your earnings for saving. 
  • Actively look for ways to give generously to others.
  • Be aware of your desires. If your desire becomes a demand, it reveals an idol. 
  • God's not against wealth. He's not against you having stuff. He's against stuff having you.