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A spiritual conversation about division, equality, and unity.

Beth Guckenberger | June 3, 2020

We want to continue the current conversation about disparity, division, equality, and unity.

The situation around the United States is escalating, and now, with the rioting and looting—there is collateral damage and unintended consequences and our Church needs to speak up.

Please watch the video above.

How can I pray?

Effective prayer cannot be reduced to a magic formula. God does not respond to our requests because we have the right ritual.

Follow the link below to a guide for effective daily prayer:

How to Pray

The Prayer Wheel is divided into 8 simple steps so you can learn to increase the quality and amount of time you spend in daily prayer.

Prayer Wheel

What can I say to my kids?

We wanted to provide you with some helpful, faith-based tools to support you as you talk with your children about issues surrounding race and justice.

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