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Have you ever been called “crazy?” Did you know there is a good kind of crazy that will make your life stand out, honor God, and expand His Kingdom? It doesn’t mean you have to accept some wild dare or live like a nomadic gypsy. All of us can live an outside-the-box life by how we handle money. Our lives can make an impact far beyond our limited years here. Join us as we investigate what this life looks like and what it takes to live “Crazy Like Us.”


It's that feeling when spinning your tires only makes the rut deeper. It's that nagging, bad habit that you can't seem to break. What would you give for real and lasting change? And what if the wisdom of God and the power of Jesus could help you take the next step? We were meant for freedom. We were created to live Unstuck.


Life really does come at you fast. You do your best. You keep plugging. But you sense that something’s off. You know in your heart that something’s “wrong side up.” You crave a “do over.” A reset. You need more than a jump-start or a tune-up, more than a shot in the arm. You need your Mind = Blown.

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