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May 01, 2021 • Matt Massey

What forms your life? Your work, family, or friends? While these are all good things, are they the BEST thing to form your life and your story?

This weekend, we explore what our true identity in Christ is. Who or what are we allowing to define/form/shape us? If we are FORMED by our identity in our career/job or as a parent, a single, a student, a sports fan, etc., then we’ll have an identity crisis.


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New Year's Message.


The sounds of Christmas surround you. Bells ringing. Choirs singing. Cash registers dinging. You may not always get to choose what sounds break through the clamor and commotion. But we suggest three unique voices with inspiring messages that can help you tune out the noise and tune into God throughout this Christmas season.


What dominates the headlines doesn't have to dominate our hearts. There’s only one name that can bring the world together, and you won’t find it on a ballot. Are you ready to discover the hope and freedom we’ve been given Under God?


Have you ever been called “crazy?” Did you know there is a good kind of crazy that will make your life stand out, honor God, and expand His Kingdom? It doesn’t mean you have to accept some wild dare or live like a nomadic gypsy. All of us can live an outside-the-box life by how we handle money. Our lives can make an impact far beyond our limited years here. Join us as we investigate what this life looks like and what it takes to live “Crazy Like Us.”

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